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since 12-09-2009
[back] Mooncake Festival Gathering

The charismatic President: Mr Chee Liew Seong (far right) is greatly respected by everyone in the MPDA.

Women Power: Mrs Chee Liew Seong (far left) and Ms Mah Siew Heng, the Vice-President (second from left) have always been the pillar of strength for their husbands.

The loving father in a President: Mr Chee and his daughter enjoying the food.

Man Power: In the MPDA, the gentlemen always do their part to light up the world.

Food from the heart: The MPDA food is delicious because it is cooked with maximum honesty and sincerity.

Nurturing the young: The MPDA is the place where the younger generation learns more about caring the elderly people.

The Parkjnson's Club is also about food, food and food: The MPDA has never have problem with food supply.

From Parkinson's Club with love: The MPDA is also the ideal place for romance.