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Public Forum on Brain Surgery in Parkinson's Disease

The surgeon with a golden heart - Professor Tipu Aziz delivering the lecture on his years of intensive work in the brain surgery for Parkinson's Disease. He is the Consultant Neurosurgeon at Oxford (United Kingdom) and one of the top three Parkinson's surgeons in the world.

The great and humble surgeon - Despite being renowned as one of leading world experts in Parkinson's brain surgery, Professor Aziz is actually one of the most humble men I have ever met in my life. As such, whenever anyone speaks to him, he or she will not even realize that Professor Aziz is a doctor - he is just too nice and friendly.

Seeing the great man in Professor Aziz - it is clear that the audience was completely captivated by Professor Aziz's fantastic lecture.

A real privilege for the Malaysian Parkinson's community - the members of the MPDA had been looking forward to Professor Aziz's arrival in Malaysia. It was the first time that the MPDA had the opportunity of inviting such an outstanding Parkinson's surgeon to its meeting.

A new dimension in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease - the members of the MPDA had simply too many questions for Professor Aziz. They must be wondering why and how Professor Aziz became such a great man in the world of Medicine.

Fulfilling the wish of a great Parkinson's patient - Professor Aziz's first appearance in Malaysia is greatly appreciated by Mr Lloyd Tan Pao Chan, the founding father and beloved Life President of the MPDA, who made a great effort to attend the lecture despite being wheelchair-ridden.

Memorable encounter - everyone, whether Parkinson's patients or caregivers or healthy volunteers, was enthralled by Professor Aziz's commitment towards the Parkinson's brain surgery.

The UMMC Parkinson's brain surgery team - from left: Professor Vickneswaran, Ms Ria Waran and Dr Kalai Arasu. They had played the central role in setting up the Parkinson's brain surgery service at UMMC. In view of the great benefit of brain surgery in improving the quality of life of Parkinson's patients, the Parkinson's community in Malaysia is certainly indebted to the UMMC Parkinson's brain surgery team.

Appreciating the doctors' love - Mr Oh Cheng Hong, one of the first Parkinson's patients in Malaysia who were successfully treated by Professor Aziz, was expressing his gratitude to the UMMC Parkinson's brain surgery team.

Enlightening the public - the lucky three Parkinson's patients who underwent brain surgery successfully, and the Parkinson's brain surgery team, were responding to queries from the members of the Press.

The faces of the victors - the three Parkinson's patients showing their gratitude to Professor Aziz and the UMMC Parkinson's brain surgery team.

A new life - all of us hope that Professor Aziz will continue his crusade in Parkinson's brain surgery. The Parkinson's community in the world is thankful to this distinguished and loving surgeon.