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since 12-09-2009

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Launching of the Parkinson's Club

In remembrance of Allahyarham En. Ismail Sulaiman - Pn. Pharidah Sulaiman (wife of Allahyarham En. Ismail Sulaiman) signing the opening ceremony plague while being watched by Mr Tan Hang Kim, JP (second from right) and Mr Chee Liew Seong (far right). Allahyarham En. Ismail Sulaiman was best remembered for his sincerity and love for the MPDA and PC.

A great man who is simply too humble - Mr Tan Hang Kim, JP signing the opening ceremony plague. Mr Tan and his wife are best remembered as the romantic couple with hearts of gold. Mrs Tan is also the kind-hearted soul who makes obesity a "health issue" among the committee members of the MPDA by constantly supplying them with delicious food.

The perfect combination - the "Iron Man and President of the MPDA", Mr Chee Liew Seong (giving his speech) and the "Iron Lady of the MPDA", Auntie Susie Chandy (seated on wheelchair).

Shower of love - Mdm Koo Tan Choo (Parkinson's patient) having fun while being entertained by Ms. Lisa Yap (far left), Ms Theresa (center) and the beautiful Ms Patricia Ho (far right).

Food is never a problem at the MPDA - somehow, the members of the MPDA are always generous in providing delicious food during every meeting. On the launching day of the PC, Mr Tan Hang Kim, JP and Datuk Tan Kar Meng had made sure that we would not have to starve.

Pharmaceutical companies are also charity-minded - Ms Tan Aik Hwa (Novartis Corporation Sdn Bhd) receives a token of appreciation from Mr Chee Liew Seong.

From Singapore with love - Mr Justin Phoon (Medtronic International, Ltd), our southern neighbour, receives a token of appreciation from Mr Chee Liew Seong.

Mother's love is the most precious in life - Ms June Tan (daughter) for her mother (a Parkinson's patient).

A loving wife keeps the man going - Mr Don Calvin Weeresekera (Parkinson's patient) with his supportive wife.

The "Iron Man" of Penang - Mr Koh Hun Wai (Parkinson's patient) always makes sure that the MPDA meetings are filled with laughter and joy.