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since 12-09-2009

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The MPDA Picnic

The outside world is also wonderful - many Parkinson's patients live in social isolation, which deprives them of all the beauties in the world.

Appreciating what Nature has for us - many Parkinson's patients are not aware that the beautiful sceneries in the world are actually a form of "treatment" for their illness. The brightness of the sun reminds us that there is always the hope for a cure in Parkinson's Disease.

The Treasure Hunt - members of the MPDA searching for the "hidden gifts of love".

The loving side of the MPDA - the committee members always makes sure that there will be constant surprises (gifts) for the members of the MPDA.

Simple but touching gifts - Ms Tan Teck Bee, our most loyal committee member, was presenting a gift to Mrs Choong Soo Yin, a Parkinson's caregiver.

A towering love - Ms Tan Teck Bee presenting stacks of presents to Mr Winston Fernandez (a Parkinson's caregiver).

Mr Chee Liew Seong (standing from far right), being a dedicated old-generation former school teacher, always believes in giving whatever he can to the society.

Teaching the young about community work - even kids need to learn to respect the elderly people.

Respecting the elderly is the culture of the MPDA - Mr Lew The Kun (a Parkinson's patient and father of Ms Sara lew), receiving a gift from Ms Tan Teck Bee.

Caregivers also need to be loved - Mrs Don Calvin Weerasekera (a Parkinson's caregiver) receiving a gift for all the love that she showered on her husband.