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since 12-09-2009

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10th Annual Anniversary & World Parkinson's Day Celebration

There is a cozy corner for early birds. From L to R: Mrs Chew (Bee Peng's mother), Mr and Mrs Phang Seow Chong and Chee Liew Seong.

From L to R: Karen Loh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norlinah Mohamed Ibrahim (Medical Advisor of MPDA, and Sara Lew.

The Organising Committee Members came early to ensure that everything is smoothly run before the arrival of members and guests. Seated on the left are Sukhinder Singh with Chee Liew Seong. Standing behind is Andy Lim, our organizing committee member.

Corsages for the organizing committee members. Eva's pinning one for Bee Peng.

"Just let me put down my beg down first, and I'll attend to you shortly", said Treasurer Tan Teck Bee to one of the members who came early.

The soon-to-be filled Crystal Ballroom by members and guests.

The members have started to arrive.

Jaharuddin and wife, Maimunah.

Jaharuddin stands tall and handsome in his Batik outfit.

Ms.Saw's looking great in her traditional Chinese blouse.

Mr and Mrs Lock Kuan Hun

Tan Teck Bee's lending a helping hand to Lim Ah Beng

The invitees are beginning to fill up the banquet hall. Foreground: Mah Siew Heng (Organising Chairperson) with Mr and Mrs Goh Ah Kow.

Lisa Yap helps our founding member and ex-Acting President (2000), LK Nathan with the name sticker.

Tan Teck Bee welcomes Myriam Abdullah, an ex-committee member, and staunch supporter of MPDA.

Almost 200 people attended the event.

Special Guest, YB Datuk Paduka (Dr) Saleha bte Haji Mohd.Ali signing the MPDA's guest book. Looking on are Sara Lew and LK Nathan.

The gathering is an opportunity for people with Parkinson's, caregivers and family members to interact with one another, and to share experiences.

Mrs Lloyd Tan (in red pants) is seen interacting with members.

Despite being wheel-chair bound, Celestine Teoh came to have a good time.

The VIP table comprising from L-R: Mrs and Mr Lloyd Tan, YB Datuk Paduka (Dr) Saleha bte. Haji Mohd. Ali, Hjh Myriam Abdullah and Chee Liew Seong.

Our founder and Life President, Lloyd Tan reading his speech.

It is cake cutting time in celebration of our 10th Anniversary Celebration cum World Parkinson's Day (which falls on 11th April each year).

Cake-cutting ceremony. Seated in front from L-R: Ivan Lim Shin Fook, YB Datuk Paduka (Dr) Saleha, Lloyd Tan and Chung Soo Yin.

Our Organising Chairperson, Mah Siew Heng is emceeing in the background. It's "Happy Birthday, MPDA!".

A penny for your thoughts, Mr Lloyd Tan. Though we have more roads to travel ahead, thanks for starting the journey and bringing us this far. Lloyd Tan, our Life President's looking at the birthday cake in deep thoughts. He must be reminiscing the day when it all began, that is, on 12th September 1994.

After the cake-cutting ceremony. Standing behind our special guests are Chacko Thomas, Sara Lew, Tan Lai Mua and Hjh. Gharizah Hashim. Seated on the far left is Ivan Lim.

Members and guests made a beeline to the buffet tables.

There is a good spread of local flavours to choose from.

A special musical performance by senior citizens from the Chin Woo Ladies' Association.

... and a Shaolin Sword Display to boot.

Dato' (Dr) Lam Peng Chong, JP, Chairman of the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCASFT picks a lucky draw number from the box.

Datin Rusiah Zainal, wife of our late President, Dato' Ismail Mansor (1999) came to join us as well. Looking on is our Ex-Acting Presidsent (2000), LK Nathan.

Caregiver, Khoo Shaik Siew lends a helping hand with the lucky draw numbers.

Let's dance! Ruby Loke (in cowboy hat from YWCA) leads the members and guests to a series of line dances.

"I wanna dance with you gals too". Koh Hun Wai making his way to the dance hall.

Everyone is invited to the dance hall. Koh Hun Wai found a good spot in front of the group.

Koh Hun Wai has now progressed to the stage with the others, amongst whom are Datin Rusiah, Yeo Kee Meng, Myriam Abdullah and Mrs. Lock Kuan Hun.

Sara Lew has lost her steps and is trying to keep up with the good sifu (dance master) Ruby.

Lock Kuan Hun sure knows how to dance to the music.

The music continues. Music has a way in bringing people together. Everyone's dancing and having a good time. So is Mrs.Lloyd Tan.

There are quite a few good dancers in our midst. Koh Hun Wai, Yeo Kee Meng and Maimunah Bt. Hj.Sepian were named the dancers who danced with the "most attitude".