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A Walk Through The Jungle

The pictorial map of the Razak Walk, a disabled friendly jungle track at the Kepong Botanical Gardens, a 80 hectares area located next to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM).

A quick look of the map before the walk gives a better understanding of the landscape, flora and fauna of the Razak Walk

Elangoh Valautham, research officer of FRIM and brainchild of the Razak Walk proudly introduces the 400meters wheekchair-friendly and cemented pathway to our members.

The first group visit made by MPDA (5/7/08) headed by Sivaraman Kannan and Sara Lew.

Group 2 (16/8/08) headed by Lisa Yap and Chong Eva.

Ng Sie Meng, the first person in the group to go on the site! He was so excited that he couldn't wait for the others, and had decided to ask his assistant to push him through the pathway to see what lies yonder.

Sara, President of MPDA, welcomes all the members who have come together at the botanical garden to spend a beautiful morning to be at one with nature. At the same time, she also introduces Elangoh and his fellow colleague, Norsham Yaakob who are going to be the "guides" for the day.

To begin with, Elangoh gives an overview of the Razak Trail. Both he and Norsham have a wealth of knowledge to share with our members about the types and habitat of the flora and fauna found in the lush plated forest.

Members listening intently to Elangoh as he continues with his briefing. Notice the cars parked in the background? While vehicles are not allowed to come into the areas near the Razak Trail, nevertheless, arrangements can be made with the management for visitors who are disabled.

Jennifer came with her mother, Lee Sow Lan and maid. On the right is Cheryl Yeong.

Members all rearing to go. We shall start with that way ....

A helping hand goes a long way for a Person with Parkinson's.

From L to R: Jason and his wife,Cheryl Yeong. The couple behind is Khoo Shaik Siew and his wife Tan Lai Mua.

Elangoh (partially hidden) is very passionate about his work. He ensures that all the members are well-informed with what they are about to see, hear and feel in the forest.

While Sara's furiously taking down notes, Jason bends his head curiously to get a clearer view of something ahead. In the forefront is Hoh Sin Keong.

Unbelievable but true. This climber belongs to the orchid family.

There are railings on the sides of the pathway which not only serve as grab bars, but they are also good for tired visitors to rest their legs or lean on.

"You can find at least 150 species of plants found in the Peninsula Malaysia and the Borneo Archipelago here", declared Elangoh.

At peace with nature. The sounds, sights and smells of the natural forests are some of the goods things to behold in this planted forest.

Nature nourishes the plants here.

The place is so awesome. We can just stand and stare at all the beautiful natural wonders of the rainforest around us.

The steep gradient found on this stretch of the Razak Trail is something to huff and puff about.

Good reason to take five after making it this far while we continue to lend our ears to Elangoh at the same time.

The canopy-filtered sunlight helps to create a luxuriant undergrowth.

When the thunder and lightning unleash their fury in a tropical storm, even the trees which are comfortably tucked in the lush forest are not spared. Herein lies an unfortunate one.

The forest floor is home to a variety of plants and flowers from the ginger family. They come in all shapes of sizes and colours.

Looks like orchid but comes from the ginger family.

"Look! I've got that plant in my garden. I called it Elephant Ear by name!"

What are those then? Let's hear it from Elangoh. Did I hear Elephant Ears???

The huge palm. A rare species.

Giant Pandanus Leaves which makes the pandan leaves grown in homes used for adding flavour in food, pale in comparison.

An exotic species from the ginger family.

This beauty can stay in bloom for months. At its tail end, it changes to a dull colour.

The yellow ginger which can trap water in its bloom.

Ng Sie Meng's still going strong.

Is my husband still in line? Mrs. Hoh Sin Keong looks back to check.

There he is! Hoh Sin Keong's somewhere off track distracted by a certain species that has become his object of curiosity.

Could this be the real Elephant Foot?

Sivaraman flashes a big smile for the camera. It's his turn to have his picture taken for he's been the photographer most of the time.

From L to R: Chew Bee Peng,Chong Eva and Eric Yong.

The second group has their share of experience of the natural wonders found in the Razak Walk too.

Loh Pang Chai all geared up for the day.

The Razak Walk is elderly and wheelchair-friendly.

It is also baby pram-friendly!

From L to R: Without the disabled-friendly Razak Trail, Lee Sow Lan and Ng Sie Meng, both wheelchair- bound would not have made it this far and be able to enjoy the experience of "walking" through the natural wonders of the tropical rainforest. The smiles in their face speak a thousand words.

An exhilarating cool walk that is about to end.

The end of the trail. Even at that point, there are things to see!

A breather after the walk with a picturesque setting in the background.

One for the album. Hoh Sin Keong with Sivaraman Kannan.