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since 12-09-2009

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An Outdoor Adventure at an Orchard Farm in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

The MPDA's Reconnaissance (Reccee) Team 16/2/2008 comprising Vice-President, Sivaraman President Sara Lew and member, Liba Connolly. Their mission: To survey the suitability of our Advisor, Dato' Dr. Lam's orchard for our member's visit a week later (23/2/2008).

Sivaraman is fascinated with the bean creepers growing on a fence surrounding the building.

On the other side of the fence, are "kacang botol" or 4-angled beans growing in abundance on the sides of the fences.

Dato' Dr. Lam scooping food pellets to feed his fishes while Sara looks on curiously.

The fresh water Red Tilapias are reared in concrete troughs built above the ground. Sara's having a fun time helping Dato' Dr. Lam feed the fishes.

"That's a dead tree over there!", exclaimed Liba.

This threesome is looking dead serious! Wonder what's up yonder?

Greening the environment is very much Dato' Dr. Lam's philosophy. Nothing goes wasted in his orchard All the foliages and branches are put back to the good earth as compost.

Dato' Dr Lam pruning the leaves of an Avacado tree. He's always armed with a pair of pruning shears and a knife in his belt whenever he goes on his rounds in his orchard.

The unbeaten track that runs through the orchard is well shaded by a canopy of leaves. Notice the wrapped jackfruits dangling from the branches on a tree on the right side of the picture? This is to protect the fruits from its preys.

The lake and the mountains in the background add to the tranquility and scenic beauty of the orchard.

Liba and Sara taking a short stroll round the farm to enjoy the greenery and fresh air.

"Ciku" (Common name: Sapodilla/Naseberry) trees grow among other fruit trees.

"It's no sweat. This hilly track is not going to make me tremor", declared Sivaraman as he made his way to the top with a sheer determination not to let PD stops him in his tracks.

There's nothing more quenching after a long walk than a long cool fresh coconut drink pluck right from the tree.

Sara and Liba enjoying every sip of the coconut drink. Slurp! .... Slurp! ....

Hmmm .... It's the all natural thirst quencher - coconut drink.

They don't call the coconut tree a tree of hundred uses for nothing. All is not lost yet with the fallen coconut tree. There is still food in the mid-section of the coconut tree. Workers sawing out the external portion of the coconut tree.

White edible crunchy flesh extracted from the coconut trunk. You can make a delicious vegetable dish out of this part of the coconut trunk.

Jackfruits and avacadoes harvested from the orchard.

Liba couldn't resist the delicious jackfruit pluck from the orchard. It's definitely going to be fingers' licking good.

Liba looks on in amusement as Sara helps herself with the delicious jackfruit.

Dato' Lam supervising his farm workers as they packed the avocados for the commercial market.

The Recce team has given their seal of approval that all's well and fine for the members to make a visit to the orchard. Two weeks later, members converged at the Parkinson Center en route to Bukit Tinggi, Bentong where Dato' Dr. Lam's orchard is located.

Ladies first. Members boarding the chartered bus to Bukit Tinggi. Tung Kai Seng, the life wire of the group is waiting for his turn to go up.

Rosli Mohamed, Loh Pang Chai and Tung Kai Seng sharing some light moments with each other during the bus journey.

Sara and Tung Kai Seng lent a helping hand to the members as they got down from the bus on arrival at the orchard.

From L - R: Ms Wang and her sister, Wang Heng Kin and maid.

The ever so helpful Tung Kai Seng is at work again. This time, he helps to push Rene Tan in his wheelchair. Seated on the bexlnch is Tan Lai Mua.

Mr & Mrs Loh Pang Chai all set to seize the day.

Liba Connolly helping to lay the table cloth. Behind her are Teresa Barbosa, Mrs. Tung Kai Seng and Looi Eng Lam.

"Ladies & Gentlemen", announced Sara Lew. "The food is already laid on the table. After the walk round the orchard you will definitely work up an appetite and come back hungry for the food".

Ready, on the mark, Get set, and .... wait a minute! Let's take a photo for the album.

The ladies leading the pack.

Nothing's gonna stop us from making our way through this mud-beaten track. The hot sun might beat on our backs but we are all bent to step up to the challenges; wheelchairs, umbrellas, walking sticks, maids, et al.

Wheel power in the hands of volunteers helps push the wheelchairs along the mud-beaten track. On the left is Koh Hun Wai with Sara and his maid. On the right is Tan Lai Mua with her husband, maid and Eva Chong.

Sign of Victory. A sense of achievement is felt in Koh Hun Wai who managed to overcome his initial reservation of going down the mud-beaten track in his wheelchair.

Victory becomes them. PD patients, Sivaraman and Rene Tan came back happy with their ability to meet the challenges of the rough terrain. Beside them is Mrs. Rene Tan.

At one with nature. Seated: L-R: Rene Tan and Koh Hun Wai. Standing L-R: Sivaraman and Sara Lew

Teresa Prior striking out on her own and made it to the "finishing line".

Our host, Dato' Dr. Lam giving some encouragements to all present.

Dato' Dr. Lam thrilled the members with his rendition of a classical Chinese song.

Chong Kim Len, on behalf of MPDA gave a token of appreciation to Dato' Dr. Lam for hosting us at his farm. We also thanked him for providing the whole "troop" a scrumptious lunch at a local restaurant prior to the arrival at his orchard. He has been indeed a gracious host. "Terima Kasih" Dato' Dr. Lam!