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remembering our founder
Message from the Editor - By Mr. Chee Liew Seong by Chee Liew Seong


This Special Issue of BERITA PARKINSON is devoted to, and in memory of the late Mr. Lloyd Tan Pao Chan, Honorary Life President of Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association.

This is a collection of articles/messages written by MPDA members, past an present, about this great person who led a small group of PD patients and caregivers to start the MPDA in 1994. It was then the 2nd PD Association in Asia, after Japan. Today, membership of MPDA has exceeded 500; there were less than 20 when it first started.

During its formative years, the MPDA had faced many challenges both within and outside the Association. At one time it had almost collapsed. If not for Lloyd Tan's persistence, members who stayed loyal to him would have given up. Although he was only holding the honorary post as the Life President and suffered from declining health, his great influence came from his personality of honesty, integrity, selflessness, and devotion towards the cause. He was, in fact regarded as symbol or an icon of unity.

This is a historical record of MPDA. Those who lead the Association should always remember that "United We Stand". When MPDA is facing difficulty, we should remember Lloyd Tan; we could get much inspiration from him. Although Lloyd Tan had lost his ability to speak during the last ten years of his life, his spirit remained high. He was a great leader who commanded the respect of all, not by way of his speech, but by other qualities of a great leader with a big heart!

In the preparation of this special issue, thanks are due to all the contributors of the articles; your contributions have made Lloyd Tan stands out as a great personality who will be a legend to our children in time to come.

Thanks and Regards,

Chee Liew Seong
July 2007
Reprinted from Berita Parkinson - "A Special Tribute", 2nd Issue:02/2007, April - July 2007 Publication