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remembering our founder
Eulogy for Mr.Lloyd Tan, 31st March, 2007 by Sara Lew

Eulogy for Mr.Lloyd Tan

Read at the Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya on 31st March, 2007 by Sara Lew, President of Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association.


Mrs Lloyd Tan, members of the family and all those who are gathered here today.

Three days ago, we lost a great man. A great man who started the cause of Parkinson's Disease in the country. Mr. Lloyd Tan, Founder and Life President of the Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association started the association in September 1994 and gave hopes to people with Parkinson's Disease and their caregivers - that there is still life after Parkinson's Disease. He brought them together, people like him with Parkinson's Disease and people like me, a caregiver, to share experiences and learn how to cope with the conditions. He also brought the awareness of Parkinson's Disease, to people like you, to the nation.

He became the first President of the Association. From the onset, he was dedicated to his cause despite facing "many obstacles, among which were such as typing letters and the deterioration of his motor skills". When his condition became more serious, he continued to make a point to attend as many meetings as his conditions would allow him. He might have weakened physically but he remained the guiding force and pillar of strength behind all of us in the association. His contributions were immeasurable.

He valued most of all, the precious gift of a devoted and loving wife in Mdm. Yap Yun Kin. He once wrote, "My caregiver, my wife, has always been behind me throughout my long journey. The dedication and devotion she has shown over the years go far beyond the expectations of any husband, and for her efforts, I will always be grateful".

As for his wish for Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association,he wrote in 2003, "It is my desire that the association will continue to flourish, to give hope and inspiration to its members, old and new, and eventually has a building of its own. It is my dream that there will be ample supply of books and reading materials there as well as exercise equipment for the betterment of its members. We may not be able to lead "normal" lives, but we can surely make good with the rest of it!"

In November 2005, we started the first step to realizing his dreams. We established the first Parkinson's Center in Malaysia. Though we have long missed his presence at the Association, his presence had never disappeared from the hearts of all those who know and love him. His pictures will continue to adorn the walls in the Parkinson's Center, his inspiring stories and contributions be told and written and his work lives on in the Association and the country.

On behalf of all the members in MPDA, I honour you, Mrs. Lloyd Tan for your love and dedication towards your beloved late husband, until the end of his journey. Today, we grieve with you and your family. But we rejoice that Mr. Lloyd Tan had gone to a better place, to the safe arms of God. He might be absent in the body but he is now present in the presence of God. Our fond memories of him and his legacy will live on forever.

Thank you

Sara Lew