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[back] For Berita Parkinson: Don't Get Desperate Engr. Sivaraman Kannan - 24 October 2008

For Berita Parkinson: Don't Get Desperate

I have had Parkinson's Disease now for over a decade and I am still trying to cope living with it. Even now ,at times ,I too wonder if a cure would be found in time to benefit me. I do strenuous exercises daily to keep my brain, body and muscles supple and I think that helped slow down the rate of deterioration of my physical condition over these years. I have come to accept Parkinson's Disease and find that there is no use in worrying about it.

We know that Parkinson's Disease is due to the chronic progressive degeneration of certain part of our brain which results in the reduction of production of a chemical called dopamine which is normally produced by that part of the effected brain. At this point of time, there is no known cure for Parkinson's Disease irrespective of what many people claim. However all is not lost for there are medication and surgical procedures to reduce your symptoms sufficiently to enable us to live an almost "normal" life style although at a reduced pace. These medication containing Madopar, which when absorbed into the body and reaches the brain produces dopamine which reduces the symptoms of PD. However the solution to our problems is not that simple.

Medication containing madopar produces different side effects on different patients , some of the side effects are more serious and dangerous than the PD symptoms! So your Doctor has to try various combination and dosages to suit each individual patient to see which suits best. These procedures may take months or even years before an acceptable solution is reached. At this stage both the Patients and their Care Givers lose hope and tend to get depressed about their condition and get desperate.

Once they get desperate, a person normally does not think logically. They are at their weakest point both mentally and physically and easily fall prey to the hundreds of bogus cure purveyors out there who are just waiting for a chance to pounce on the unfortunate patients. They use all sorts of irrelevant bombastic scientific terms to confuse the patients to part with whatever meagre savings the have. They produce "Living Testimonials" instead of "Clinical Trial" results. They imply "Laboratory Test Results" as Government Approvals. So do not fall for their dirty tricks and buy their unproven products and waste your hard earned money.

I have been approached by many such sellers and I have also seen fellow patients who have fallen for these tricks. Please note that if any proposal looks too good to be true, it usually is !Forget about their sweet and convincing talk about their wonder product. Ask for the following details:

  1. Do they have Clinical Trial Results of their product under taken by any recognised Health Authorities?
  2. For the Wonder Products generating magic rays, Fruit Juices, pendants, vitamins, minerals, metallic and magnetic bands etc., if they are convinced that their product will be beneficial to you, are they prepared to defer payment until you show improvement?
  3. How does their product introduce the dopamine in your brain?

Finally ask your self this:

With so much intensive research going on, if the product is half as good, would not the Hospitals be using these products? With the products so easily available, don't you think that all well to do patients would be cured by now. Ask them to produce one patient, who had been confirmed to have PD by a recognised Medical Centre, who has since been cured by this product.

Do not get desperate and waste your money. Accept the fact that you do have PD and learn to cope with it and live with it. By all means Pray for the best but do not expect Miracles to be bought from the roadside at the Pasar Malam at a exorbitant price. Do not be confused by scientific names and terms. Next time somebody approaches with some new products do the following:

  1. Get the details from them in writing on what their products can and cannot do.
  2. Discuss with your fellow patients if any one has any knowledge of this product.
  3. Check with your Doctor.
  4. Defer payment until after results.

Engr. Sivaraman Kannan
Vice-President (MPDA)