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[back] To Abah with love Gharizah Hashim - 17 June 2001


When I had no knowledge of what life is all about
I learned from two people
Who sacrificed theirs for their children
My Emak
My Abah

When I had no concern about commitment
I observed two people
Who shared hardship and responsibilities
for their children
My Emak
My Abah

When I had no idea of joy or sorrow
I heard laughter and I heard cries
of two people
My Emak
My Abah

When I had no worries about financial securities
I saw two people
Who worked days and nights
to provide for their children
My Emak
My Abah

When I had no understanding about relationship
I watched two people
Whose patience and tolerance
Goes way beyond words can described
My Emak
My Abah

And…..Today Abah,
I miss Everything about you…..

When I called for you Abah,
You’d responded by just blinking your eyes

When I talked to you Abah,
You’d just listened with your eyes beaming
Sometimes you’d smiled and
sometimes you’d even laughed and
those are the moments that
I would cherish the most…..

When I held you up Abah,
You’d hold me tight…..
Seems like you’d never want to let me go…..

When I asked you, do you know me Abah ?
You’d call up other’s names and I’d silently cry in my heart…for I know that you had always been there for me,
Caring and loving me, from just a baby to a grown up as I am today…..
But Abah,
I know that, deep in your heart
You’d always knew that it was me…your loving daughter
Who would endlessly care and love you…..

Thank You Abah…..
Happy Father’s Day
With lots of love…..