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[back] How To Handle Unscrupulous MLM Salespersons Offering Miracle Cures Sivaraman Kannan - 2nd Dec 2006

I have Parkinson's and following my previous article on "Don't Prey On The Sick" that appeared in The Star, I have received a few requests from friends and fellow patients on how to differentiate the genuine from the bogus sales people. There is no magic formula to do this but let common sense prevail. The following points can help you decide.

Patients with chronic disabilities are desperate to try anything and these unscrupulous sales people use your desperation to their advantage to squeeze out as much money as possible from you. These people cited so called relatives who have had miracle recovery on using their products.  Most would invite you to be members of their organization and make millions in sales profits. Many would claim that their product is certified by SIRIM and even approved by the Malaysian medical authorities.  Many even introduced themselves as doctors. Check out these claims BEFORE you part with your hard-earned money!

1.If the result of the product seems to be unbelievable, do not believe it. If it works so well, the hospitals would have been using it long ago, after proper evaluation tests. Some products claim miracle cures by taking a few drops a day!

2.Some claim that someone who was at the terminal stage of illness had recovered completely. If so, ask if they can produce documentary evidence on who and where these patients were initially diagnosed.

3.Check out the doctors who promote these products. They may be doctors BUT not necessarily Registered Medical Doctors. It may be a doctorate in Sales, Philosophy or other non-medical doctorate.  To a layman, a doctor is a Doctor! Do not be misled by the word "Doctor”. A genuine Medical Doctor would have no hesitation in disclosing his practicing qualification.

4.When attending the introductory sales talks, if you find that the main topic is on the benefits of making thousands of Ringgits by becoming a member and not on the products or patients, hold tightly onto your purse!

5.Ask the sales person/s to give you their prescription and its benefits in writing, signed by a Registered Medical Doctor.

6.Get a copy of their so-called approvals from the local ministries and laboratories. They are most likely only a request for analyzing their products as a food supplements. Anybody can send anything for testing for a fee. The test report will not, in any circumstances, state that it is effective as a cure for any ailments. These are general tests for food supplements. These results must NEVER be considered to be comparable or equivalent to the normal controlled test results as done by the medical research facilities.

If a product is effective, I will buy it and continue using it and so would you. If the product is effective, the sales people can be assured of continued business. But do not buy an unknown product just to try it and waste your money. If the product is half as good as promoted, you can buy it under the following conditions:

1.Confirm with the sales personnel that their product will benefit your ailment. Be on full alert if they have to contact their "Master, Si Fu, or Guru” by phone to talk to you and confirm your prescription!

2.Confirm the period over which the sales person says you can notice the changes in you.

3.Confirm the price of the prescription.

4.Then you offer to pay DOUBLE the amount for the first  prescription on the following condition:

- No payments will be made at time of purchase. HOWEVER, double the price will be paid when you notice improvements in yourself within the period stated above.

If the product is genuine and effective, the sales personnel has got nothing to lose BUT will make a profit of at least 5 times more than their sales commission!

If the product is effective, you will continue buying it.

If the product is effective, our club members, numbering over 400, will also buy it. Among the Parkinson's sufferers are Micheal J. Fox, Muhamad Ali and millions of others who can make the salesperson richer than Bill Gates overnight!

If the product is effective, the salesperson can make millions without even trying.

If the product is effective, there is no known reason for the salesperson to reject your offer, except that they KNOW their product is ineffective and that they are taking you for a ride!

Any person with proper business sense will grab this opportunity IF THEY HAVE A GENUINE PRODUCT!

So do not accept the salesperson's excuse that they cannot do business this way. Any salesperson who does not accept the above conditions knows that their product will NOT work and are there to make money out of your misery and desperation.

So friends, while hoping and praying that some cure for our disease will be found soon, we can and should live our life to the fullest.

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