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1Star - The soothing sound of drums newsJustin Chew (The Star)24 June 2014
2Parkinson's patients beat the shakes newsNew Straits Times24 June 2014
3Staying on top of Parkinson's newsAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)5 June 2014
4Coming to terms with Parkinson's newsAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)11 July 2013
5RUN-THE-WORLD 4 Parkinson's Disease: A Journey through 44 Countries newsGerald Chuah05 April 2014
6Reaching out to Parkinson's patients newsANTHONY THANASAYAN23 May 2013
7Parkinson's & the Community newsMaithili Vasudevan11 April 2013
8Make TITHING a part of your walk and talk newsArthur Hull3 August 2012
9MBPJ makes Parkinson's pledge newsSheila Sri Priya (New Straits Times)11 April 2012
10Healing sounds from the harp at Parkinson's gathering newsRicky Yap (New Straits Times)24 August 2011
11Music therapy for Parkinson's sufferers newsNaveen Mathew (New Straits Times)9 December 2010
12Dedicated to help others newsThe Star20 November 2010
13Famed US music therapist breathes life to Parkinson patients newsRohani Maswari (The Malay Mail)13 October 2010
14Association Wants Disability Rights for Parkinson's Patients newsBernama News25 April 2010
15Parkinson's grip - New Straits Times newsSuzanna Pillay17 June 2008
16Press Release May 7th 2008 newsSara Lew7 May 2008
17World Parkinson's Day: Coping with Parkinson's newsJade Chan - The Star29 April 2008
18A Tribute to Seniors newsMetro Centra, The Star27 November 2007
19MPDA website v.2 newsWilson Wong23 June 2005
20Makeovers to enhance Parkinson's sufferers self-esteem newsMichele Lian (The Star)11 April 2005