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1Therapeutic trip true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)4 April 2013
2Refusing to be limited by Parkinson's true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)21 June 2012
3Neglect in Family Members of People with Parkinson's true_storyCheinhooi22 August 2011
4Father's Day blues true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (Wheelpower) 16 June 2011
5Never Give Up true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (Wheelpower)22 April 2010
6Staying on top - A glimpse of the battle that Parkinson's patients face true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (Wheelpower)15 April 2010
7Positive Outlook true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)17 September 2009
8For Berita Parkinson: Don't Get Desperate true_storyEngr. Sivaraman Kannan24 October 2008
9Living with Parkinson's Disease true_storyAnthony Thanasaya (The Star)25 September 2008
10Extraordinary Man true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)19 June 2008
11Long hard journey true_storyThe Star10 April 2008
12Living with Parkinson's true_storySivaraman Kannan (The Star)9 April 2008
13Ramblings of A Blessed Malaysian true_storyChew Bee Peng24 November 2007
14Parkinson Patient celebrates Golden Wedding Anniversary true_storyWinston Fernandez24 November 2007
15Living with Parkinson's true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)11 October 2007
16Join a support group true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)27 September 2007
17How To Handle Unscrupulous MLM Salespersons Offering Miracle Cures true_storySivaraman Kannan2nd Dec 2006
18Susie true_storyBecky Thomas1st August 2006
19Don't Prey On the Sick true_storySivaraman Kannan25th July 2006
20Wheel Power: Thankful for Dad true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)15 June 2006
21Inspiring Individual - Susie Chandy true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)6 April 2006
22My DBS surgery experience true_storyChee Liew Seong5 December 2005
23Sufferings true_storyMargaret PakJune 2005
24There is still life after Parkinson's true_storyChee Liew SeongJuly 2003
25Staying on top true_storyAnthony Thanasayan (The Star)15 May 2003
2612 years in 5 minutes true_storyLlyod Tan Pao Chan2002
27Caring for an ailing dad true_storyan excerpt from The Star2002
28Parkinson's and me true_storySusie Chandy2002
29To Abah with love true_storyGharizah Hashim17 June 2001
30Great views from her window true_storyChong Sheau Ching (The Star)4 August 1999
31Courage in each step - Marian Lough's Story true_storyChong Sheau Ching (The Star)1 February 1998