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Lloyd Tan - by Marion Lough

There is no need for me to elaborate on the strengths of Lloyd Tan. I only knew him when his Parkinson's Disease was very visible, but he obviously had the respect, love and admiration of friends and pupils before this time, as well as showing enormous courage and perseverance as his illness advanced

About a year after I was diagnosed with PD, I was in Auckland and went to a support meeting for Parkinson's Disease sufferers. I recognized what a difference having contact with others made. When I returned to Kuala Lumpur I put a small advertisement in the newspaper to initiate a meeting for those with Parkinson's Disease. It was then that Lloyd rang me to say that he had already started to form a group. Of course I was delighted that he had taken this initiative.

At the time when Lloyd founded the group it was a revolutionary thing to do. People do not always acknowledge their health condition, and they certainly do not make it public or talk about it. But Lloyd was aware of the benefits of sharing information, of being with others who could understand how you were feeling physically and mentally, and of learning to cry and laugh together.

Lloyd's lasting legacy will be the founding of an Association that brought Parkinson's Disease patients and their carers together. His influence has spread wider than just those with Parkinson's Disease. As I recall, a Stroke Association was started, and I have no doubt other groups have been established to support each other once they saw the success of the MPDA established by Lloyd.

Through the group's difficult times, he was a strong steady voice in the background and the strength of the MPDA today is as much because of his vision as it is of those who have faithfully carried on.

In memory of Lloyd Tan, and for the benefit of all Parkies and their families, may the MPDA continue to go from strength to strength.

Marian Lough
Extracted from Berita Parkinson - "A Special Tribute", 2nd Issue:02/2007, April - July 2007 Publication by MPDA