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[back] New Teenager in the Block Ir. Sivaraman Kannan - 30 December 2007


Members of Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association became teenagers at the end of 2007 ! They forgot about their walking frames, wheel chairs, movement disorders and what not for the time being and on 29 December 2007, celebrated the 13th Anniversary of the formation of the Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association in 1994. WE ARE ALREADY 13 YEARS OLD!

The Organising Committee and the Volunteers did a wonderful job to ensure everything went on like clockwork even though the clock itself was not very cooperative. Slight tremors of the empty stomachs of those attending could be heard above the tremors of the patients before food was served. I was worried when there were many empty seats when the scheduled start time was approaching fast. Allowing for slowness of movement of PD patients, the tables were soon filled after reasonable delay.

The Organising Committee

The reception desk team, Rose, Teck Bee, Eva Chong and Bee Peng had their hands full at the registration desk. Rose even rounded up her daughters to help. All those who attended were registered and given a number for the lucky draw. Many of our hard working members are not in the photos.

The MPDA President, Sara Lew, started the function with a welcome speech and the Hi-Tea commenced. With her full work load teaching and pursuing her postgraduates studies at the University as well as a care giver to her father, I wonder where she gets all her time and energy from ? Nevertheless, Sara had the full support from the committee to keep the association going .

Our Em-Cee for the day, Lisa Yap, did a wonderful job throughout the afternoon to keep the show going. She probably had sore throat next day !

We also had our classical opera singers like Mr. Lai Kim Ting and Mr. Chong Kim Len who made a few renditions of Chinese songs. If all patients could sing like them they do not have to worry about losing their voices for a long time to come.


To keep up the tempo, we had Mr. Koh Hun Wai playing his harmonica beautifully. We do have a lot of hidden talents.

The hi tea was also a reunion for long lost friends. Our committee member, Mr. Looi Eng Lam met one of his long lost friends, En. Rosli Mohamed who recently joined MPDA. It's a small world after all.

We had the honour of having Mrs. Lloyd Tan, wife of our late founder member to grace our function with her presence

Mrs Lloyd Tan flanked by Mrs Tung Kai Seng and her daughter, Cheryl TanTiger's mother is a lucky lady on that day

The food was good and the mood was joyous with Mrs. Chee Liew Seong leading all of us in a lively sing song session using the songs selected from our vocal exercises songs. All the patients, care givers and supporters joined in with gusto to make this sing song a success! This showed all that PD patients do not only moan and groan but can also enjoy and produce melodious songs as well. Everyone had a fun time in the sing-a-long session and they stomped their feet, clapped their hands and laughed a lot.

All hands up for Mrs Chee Liew SeongLet's sing our hearts out!
If you happy and you know it pull your ears!The joy of singing It's so much fun!

Our Advisor, Dato' Dr. Lam Peng Cheong dropped by and brought with him rambutans from his orchard farm. He also give a rendition of a classical Chinese song.




There were also prizes for lucky draws.



Birthday Boys and Girls Cutting the Cake

Love and Affection of a child and a spouse towards their loved ones

Hooray! We're already 13 and still counting. Missed the fun? Join us for the next function!!

Ir. Sivaraman Kannan