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[back] Dancing For Exercise Ir. Sivaraman Kannan - 30 September 2008

Dancing For Exercise

There are a variety of programs that are being carried out at our Parkinson Center.

We started off with our member, Ms. Amy Chow, who introduced the weekly facial exercise lessons. This was followed next with the vocal exercise lessons under the guidance of Mrs. Chee and the Qi Gong lessons by our Mr. Lock. Unfortunately, Mr. Lock had a bad fall one day and was unable to conduct the Qi Gong classes on Thursdays for some time. We have also arranged for physiotherapy sessions so that the patients know how to do proper exercises to rehabilitate themselves. To bring out the hidden talents in our members, we have also set up a Karaoke corner.

Our staunch supporter, Ms. Liba Connolly, then proposed an idea to integrate music and dancing with exercises and Physiotherapy so as to make the rehabilitation exercises more enjoyable and at the same time, keep the activities going for Thursdays. She has spent quite some time and lots of hard work in observing physiotherapists and later came up with this sessions of exercises and dancing.

It is heartwarming to see patients who can hardly stand, using their utmost will power to push themselves to their limits and enjoying themselves at the same time. It has been indeed a long time since I saw a smile on some of these faces!

If you cannot stand, dance sitting down. You do not have to miss any of the action. The supporters and caregivers will take care of you. Even with all the precautions, if you do have a fall, get up, have a quick assessment of the damages and continue from where you left.


Laugh and be happy and you will find your pains and problems reduce considerably.

Now we have a team from the Fun Stompers Line Dancing Club, Ms.Chan.and Ms. Margaret who have volunteered to teach our members Line Dancing. First day turnout was not very encouraging but it is changed very fast. Now our gym is usually packed to the limit.

Compared to the others, it looks like I have rusty joints. The others move so smoothly while I move like a robot with the battery running low.

A few pointers from the experts and ...

... and look at them go!

Sweet memories... The way they were.
Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Lock after a long absence after your fall.

Ir. Sivaraman Kannan
September 2008