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[back] Organ Donation Ir. Sivaraman Kannan - 26 November 2007
September, 2007

We have all, at sometime or other, given some kind of donations to the needy and feel we have done our bit to charity. We, as Parkinson's patients and caregivers are all very hopeful that the stem cell research now going on will in near future find a cure for Parkinson's Disease and cure us once and for all.

We have had some relatives who passed away and were either buried or cremated. We have also seen or heard of hundreds of fatal accidents taking place every month. The irony of this is we also hear many patients awaiting kidney, liver, heart, cornea transplants dying before the surgery because of LACK of organs for transplant. WHY?

The answer lies in our ignorance, superstitions and emotion. Many think that by donating a body part will result in that part missing from their body in their next rebirth or their soul will not go to heaven because some original parts have been replaced or missing. Others think that after the removal of the organs, the body will be badly mutilated and look ghastly when the burial rites are conducted. Others just cannot bear the thought of their late beloved's body being cut open. Others fear that the donor may not be really dead before they harvest the parts.

Most people do not realize that some bodies can supply enough parts to help more than a dozen recipients! If only the parts could be harvested from fatal accident victims in time, our Hospitals would have enough parts to save hundreds of lives every year. Major Religions allow transplants.

As such, for our MPDA's July monthly talk, we invited The National Transplant Resource Centre from the Hospital Kuala Lumpur to give us a presentation on Organ Transplants to enlighten us. Cik. Santhi Krishnan, Transplant Coordinator, and two Transplant Resource Officers, namely, En. Zulkifly Jamal and En. Saufan Zakuan Salleh gave us their presentation on "Awareness Campaign on Organ and Tissue Donation"
Cik. Santhi gave a comprehensive presentation on the importance of organ transplant, its benefits to the unfortunate patients, how the transplants are carried out and the statistics of patients queuing up for the organ transplants. She also confirmed that there is no possibility of the organs being harvested before a person is dead.

She also emphasized on the importance of informing your family members that you are registered as an organ donor and your intention to be a donor. This will minimize last minute disagreement among relatives leading to failure to harvest the organs. The organs will NOT be harvested if the family members object.

Your organs are priceless and help many patients lead a new life. Why waste it? This is the most Supreme donation any one can make and it costs you nothing. The families can be proud that because of your donation, many patients are given a chance to live a normal life. The Members were very keen to listen to the presentation and subsequently were convinced enough to register as donors on the spot!

We thank Cik Shanti and her team En En Zulkifly Jamal and En. Saufan Zakuan Salleh, for answering our call and sincerely apologize for spoiling their Saturday afternoon plans. We give our full support in their campaign and wish them all success.
(Eva, Secretary of MPDA, presenting a fruit basket as a token of appreciation to Cik Shanti)

P.S.- Today it was reported that a patient awaiting a lung transplant passed away because there were no donors. But the irony of it was that even though her husband agreed to the removal of her cornea and some skin, her family objected and these precious parts were buried with her. This is a normal scenario. These people have undergone the anguish of waiting for organs from somebody to cure their child, they were not willing to donate the parts to others !