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[back] Message From The President June08 Sara Lew - 21 June 2008

When I wrote my last message, I was all excited about the World Parkinson's Day Celebration which was celebrated on 12th April by our Association. The "Hot Air Balloon Ride" was a phenomena success. The response from our members and the public was better than expected. Not only have we generated a lot of media attention to promote public awareness, we also saw an increase in our membership.

If anyone thought that "Hot Air Balloon Ride" is not for People with Parkinson (PWP), then they've been proven wrong. We've demonstrated to them that life doesn't have to end with Parkinson's. The best thing PWP can do is not to be withdrawn but to carry on with life. In coping with Parkinson's, like so many things in life, we can make choices. We can choose to stay at home and see the world passes us by or we can be part of it. If we give in to despair, it's more difficult to fight Parkinson's. We can't cure it but we can still make a difference in our lives.

This is what our support group is for. It's for people like you and I, who are PWP and caregivers who come together to share experiences and motivate each other. Therefore, the next time MPDA organizes an outdoor activity, be part of it. You'll be surprised at how much mileage we still have in us if only we are willing to go the distance. The next trip round the corner is the FRIM Nature Trail to Kepong Botanical Gardens on 5th July 2008. Although limited places are available, the association is going to make it a regular event if the response is good. So be game for it and come out and be at one with nature. There's a whole wide world out there waiting for us!.

In respect to the above, I would like to note an exemplary person who has shown that life didn't stop with disability. Anthony Thanasayan, born disabled and who uses a wheelchair and President of the Animal Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (PETPOSITIVE) has been chosen as a city councillor for the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) recently.

We are proud to note that he's also a member of our association. As a columnist with The Star newspaper under "Wheel Power", he has on many occasions helped create public awareness of Parkinson's through his articles featuring its conditions. His appointment will definitely help to enhance the cause of the disabled in the country. By the way, we've told that he's going to put PWP on top of his agenda. Syabas! And we wish him all the best in his future undertakings.

Thank you.

Sara Lew
21st June 2008