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[back] A Sunday morning stroll at Dataran Merdeka Chew Bee Peng - 29 September 2003
About 30 of us MPDA members turned up for the 10th Annual Charity Walk/Jog/Wheel-athon with the disabled organized by the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and FT.

This is the second time that the MPDA is participating in this event. Before the actual day of the event, MPDA members were given the sponsorship cards to collect for funds. All funds collected goes to the respective association apart from a nominal percentage of 20% which goes back to the organizer. This is to off-set the operating cost of organizing the event, and the balance will be distributed to the more needy associations.

Members began streaming into the Dataran Merdeka by 7.30 a.m. Mr.Chee Liew Seong our Vice President was the first to arrive. A warming up exercise, “the chicken dance” was conducted by members of Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf.

It was heart warming to see our members turning up for the walk. Mr.Yeo Kee Meng, an ardent supporter of the event was there, along with Doreen Wong and hubby, June Tang and mummy, Mr and Mrs Don Calvin, Ms.Mah Siew Heng and family, Sara, Lisa, Rani Samuel and friend and Eva. The greatest support came from the Loo family. Three generations of the Loo family turned up for the event. Andre Loo, our committee member was with mum and dad, sister Ebbie with her hubby, two lovely girls and the junior of the family. Maybe next year, baby Adam will be able to join us.

Every one crowded around to take a group photo before assembling for the march past. The actual walk began at 8.15 a.m. for the able-body. MPDA members were classified under the non competitive event which was a one-kilometer walk starting from the Dataran Merdeka, to the Bank Negara traffic lights and back via the St.Mary’s church.
Following behind us, were the vintage cars, ever ready to give any tired souls a lift. All in, it took us only 10 minutes to complete the stroll and certificates were given to all who took part in the walk.

After that, members were treated to a breakfast of nasi lemak, drinks and other goodies. As in every year, the nasi lemak was sponsored by Datuk Lam Peng Chong, the Chairman of the Selangor Spastic Centre. Yes, all 1,500 packets of it.

The participants were treated to entertainment programs by the participating NGOs before the prize giving ceremony.
How did we fare this year in terms of collection? The amount collected by all the members was RM6,562.00. Out of this RM890.00 came from our members in Seremban LSG. Thank you every one who took the effort to ask for sponsorships, and congratulations to Cik Gharizah Hashim, Coordinator of our Seremban LSG and MPDA members from Seremban LSG who managed to collect RM890.00 – an encouraging achievement for the first-timers!

The highest collectors were: Mr. Lee Thiam Min with RM1,500.00, Ms. Ebbie Loo – RM 713.00, Mrs. Susie Chandy RM600.00, Ms. June Tang and Mr Lim Liang Chang -RM 300.00 each. Congratulations.

The Malaysian Parkinson’s Disease Association would like to take this opportunity to thank the Selangor and FT Spastic Children Association for organizing and inviting us for the event.

We hope that next year more members will join us for the walk as it is quite an experience to walk right in the middle of the roads around Dataran Merdeka with no traffic at all. Yup, we are the king of the road and you only get to do it once a year unless you join all the walks and runs that are held there.

The monthly meetings that Sara and I attended at the Spastic Centre prior to the actual event has enabled us to get to know many NGOs who share similar plight like us and are run by dedicated ordinary folks. We were extremely sad when we lost the President of the Happy Seniors Citizen Group, the late Irene Khoo, two days before the actual event. The late Irene was an active 73 years old lady with the most laugh lines as Datuk Dr. Mohinder Singh of the Selangor Spastic Centre would call her. Sara and I were most fortunate to know her during our two years there.

Moving on, the amount collected will definitely help the Association in its operation costs and to provide better services and support for all our members. We hope that next year will see a bigger bounty.

Thank you everyone.