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[back] President's Welcoming Address on the Launch of the Parkinson's Club - - 22nd April 2006

Guests of honour Puan Pharidah Sulaiman and Mr. Tan Hang Kim, Dr. Chew Nee Kong, Medical Adviser to MPDA, Representatives from Corporations, Medical Professionals, Datuk & Datin, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are gathered here today to witness the official launching of the Parkinson's Club.

MPDA members have been waiting for this moment for 12 years since the Association was formed in 1994. We are able to celebrate this day in this rented premise mainly because of your support, generous donations and hard work in the part of our adviser, able members and volunteer workers. 

On behalf of the PD sufferers, I wish to express our deepest gratitude and thankfulness to all of you who lent us moral as well as material and financial support to enable us to start a PC (Parkinson's Club - first named as Parkinson's Care Centre).

Two persons who have supported us the most through our thick and thin have been invited to officiate the PC.  They are: Puan Pharidah Sulaiman, wife of the late Allahyarham Encik Ismail Sulaiman who supported us strongly during his life time.  Puan Pharidah Sulaiman is a PD Patient for more than 27 years. She and her family truly understand what PD is all about and how patients suffer under this incurable disease at various stages, and the kind of difficulties that their caregivers encounter in the care of their loved one.

The other individual who has been with us throughout our journey is Mr. Tan Hang Kim, JP. Besides contributing generously to the Association, he had also borne the cost of all the renovation works of this building.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In recognition of the contributions made by the late En. Ismail Sulaiman and his family, and also by Mr. Tan Hang Kim, JP, the gymnasium and the mini library have been named after them. This is a gesture of our appreciation and our way to thank the people who have helped us when we needed the support. There are a lot more generous donors and supportive individuals and corporations of our Association, and these two individuals chosen to officiate the opening of the PC represent all the wonderful people who are continuously supporting us.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Without further ado, I would end my very brief address by saying a big thank you to all of you.

Thank you very much.

Chee Liew Seong
President, Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association