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[back] Message from the President 12th Mar 2007 Sara Lew - 12th Mar 2007

I believe one of the best things that ever happened to our association is the establishment of our secretariat, recreation and rehabilitation center called the Parkinson’s Club (PC) in Happy Garden, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur in November 2005. Due to financial constraints, for years we have been like a “bird without a nest”, moving from one correspondence address to another but not exactly settling down to a decent place. The only meeting point for the members and central committee members was Pantai Medical Center, Jalan Bangsar. 

The situation has resulted in the decentralization of administration in the association hence affecting its efficiency. Therefore, it was a new milestone for the association when the decision to rent the corner-lot single storey house was made. The premises may not be the best place but we decided to make the best out of it.  Blessings came from many and thankfully, skepticism and reservations came from only a few.

The premises was dilapidated but the good Samaritan in Mr. Tang Hang Kim, a developer, sent in his men to renovate the place to what it is today. Members rallied around and chipped in with donations to help purchase furniture, appliances and equipment, etc. for the club. Those who could not help in cash or kind, helped through other means. Later, the employees of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd gave a colourful touch to the white-washed wall. It was indeed amazing and pleasing to see the number of people rallying around to help make the center a successful one.

And it has not stopped there since. Today, at 15 months old, PC is the hub for the activities of the association. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Patricia oversees the daily administration of the PC and we have several programs lined up in the week by volunteers comprising mostly members. The vocal class, brainchild of Ms. Amy Chow, is conducted every Tuesday. She is assisted by Mrs. Chee Liew Seong and Chooi Yoke. What a joy it is to hear melodious songs streaming out from the PC as one approaches it! Thursdays are reserved for Wai Dan Gung conducted by our committee member, Mr. Lock Kuan Hun. Saturdays are busy with physiotherapy sessions for patients and cooking for anyone interested. We have seen Mrs Thiagarajah dishing out delicious curry chicken while Mrs Gopal taught us how to make muruku. We have also relished En. Manaf’s nasi kunyit and chicken rendang. Mrs. Eric Yong taught us how to make mooncake as well.

Presently, the association is subsidizing the physiotherapy sessions conducted by physiotherapists from UMMC. We are offering a package of RM30 per session or RM110 for 4 sessions. Maximum is 5 participants per session.  We have so far seen positive results from members who have attended these physiotherapy sessions.
I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has in one way or another helped to make the Parkinson’s Club to be what it is today. Come and visit the center whenever you have the time.

Thank you and best regards,

Sara Lew
12 March 2007