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[back] Lights, Camera, Action! Ir. Sivaraman Kannan - 25 November 2007

"A day in the life of a Parkinson's Disease Patient"-a feature produced by TV2. The Parkinson's Center was the scene of the production and MPDA members were invited to be the actors and actresses.

TV 2 crew setting up the equipment before production begins
Our Committee Member, Sifu Lock Kuan Hun showing the right steps to Qi Kung exercises.
Phew, being an actor is really hard work!!! It is all sweat and no play!
So you think you can dance. Show me the steps!!
Take Five. Letís eat after all the hard work.
Our PR lady, Ms.Phang Teng Nyah being interviewed by TV 2
That PR lady is a cool lady. Got to get her number before leaving