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[back] Home visits Sivaraman Kannan - 5 December 2005
October 22nd 2005 was another milestone in the activities of MPDA. We started the Home Visits programme to Parkinson Patients this day.

Many PD patients and care givers are afraid to go out in the real world to meet others because of their “conditions”. They feel that their conditions such as tremor, rigidity, facial expression etc. are embarrassing to others, and they think that they are a burden to others because of their limitations in movement and their dependence on their caregivers in their daily life. As a result they tend to hide away in some corner, guilty conscious and spend their time worrying. This soon leads to depression and a wasted future. Both the patients and the care givers are under heavy stress all the time. A break in their daily monotonous routine works wonders to their stress levels. Though PD patients are unable to do certain things, there are a lot of things they can still do.

The main objective of home visits is to get together as many PD Patients and their Care Givers as possible to come out of their houses to meet and get to know one another. They can then see for themselves on how other patients and caregivers in similar situation cope with similar problems and yet live life to the fullest. By going out regularly, the patients and care givers have a break in their daily routine to free themselves from stress. Through listening to talks by Medical Specialists, they can also have better understanding of the nature of their own ailments . By meeting and getting to know others with similar problems, one has access to more sources of information.

Communication between patients and the encouragement they give to each other will definitely help to overcome loneliness, depression and other problems like lost of hope, guilty conscious and anxiety.

With this as the objective in mind, we started our visit to Aunty Thanal and her family. The first group consisted of Amy Chow, Dr. Chew NK, Lisa Yap and me.  We met in front of UH and proceeded to the house at 9.00am. We were welcomed by Aunty Thanal and her Daughter, Sons, Son in Law, Daughter in Law and Grandchild.

Aunty Thanal has had PD for about 10 years and has been to the PPM meeting at PMC lately.  She had been active until the last couple of years when her condition deteriorated. Her condition improves for a short period about an hour after taking medication when she can walk with someone nearby, She tends to forget about her condition and at times gets up to walk alone only to fall down.

Aunty Thanal was pleased to meet us. Her daughter, Rajes, informed us that Aunty Thanal was always in high spirit whenever she had visitors. At present she was staying with Rajes but normally, after a few days, she would request to go to one of the sons’ houses. Aunty Thanal will be joining us in future meetings and gatherings.

We are grateful to Aunty Thanal and family for giving us this opportunity to visit them and hope to see them more often at our meetings.

Special thanks to Ms. Ebby Loo for the fruit basket.