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[back] Home Visit #4 - Mr. Koh Hun Wai Sivaraman Kannan - 30th April 2006

Home Visit No. 4 - Mr. Koh Hun Wai on 30th April 2006

On 25 February 2006, Sara Lew accompanied me to visit Mr. Koh at his residence in Kota Kemuning. As Kota Kemuning is a vast area, we had a little problem in locating his house. Finally we found his place and were welcomed by Mr and Mrs Koh.

Mr. Koh has moved house recently as his house was under renovation. To compound to his problems with PD, he recently had a fall and broke his hip. He is recovering steadily. He could do with more visitors to keep him company because of his difficulty in mobility.

Mr. Koh was very involved in our MPDA activities and was in fact originally nominated to start our Home Visit programme.

The most common requirement among the PD patients is the lack of visitors and the difficulty in transportation to socialise and travel. This leads to depression and withdrawal. There is only so much one can do daily within the confines of ones room.

Otherwise Mr Koh is busy with his supervision of his house. We wish him all luck and speedy healing of his hip so that he can walk into his own house after the renovation.

Mr. Koh Hun Wai loves to sit in his front yard to enjoy the fresh air, and feed the birds. From Left to Right: Mrs. Koh, Mr. Koh, Sara Lew and Sivaraman Kannan