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[back] Home Visit #7 - Mr Kan Mang Fong Sivaraman Kannan - 28th Mar 2007

After a long break, we started the home visit for 2007 with a visit to Mr. Kan Mang Fong. We had to postpone the first appointment because Mrs. Kan had to send their son to school for his Saturday school activities.

Initially we had three volunteers but on that day, all three could not make it, so it was Pat and me for the visit.

Mrs. Kan was having her hands full as she had to take care of one upper secondary school-going son, in addition to Mr. Kan. Mr. Kan is completely helpless and needs full attention.  Even his feeding has to be done through a tube.

Mrs. Kan gets on with some help from her close friends at times. Again the same major problem that is faced by most caregivers – transportation and physical handling of the patient to move around. Many taxis are reluctant to accept the passenger when they noticed that the passenger is actually on the wheelchair!

Mrs. Kan also has problems finding someone to take care of Mr. Kan when she has to do her marketing or run other errands.

After the home visits done so far, I feel that we have to change the concept of our home visits. At present, no doubt the family members appreciate our visits but the benefit is only a drop in the ocean. We can listen to their problems but we cannot actually help them in the real sense.

To be effective, we need a larger pool of volunteers, with transport if possible, who can spare a day to do home visits once a week or even once in three months. We can then visit the patients in groups of three or four and help attend to the patients'needs, such as going for check-ups or run errands like paying bills, etc. or even sprucing up their houses while the caregiver takes a much needed rest.

If we can get sufficient volunteers, we, at the Parkinson's Club, can select the patients and coordinate the visits.  This way our visits can be more effective and meaningful.

All volunteers, who are not necessarily members of MPDA, please leave your names and contact numbers with the secretariat (Patricia) at 03-7980 6685 or email mpda1@streamyx.com, so that we can prepare a database.