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[back] Home Visit #6 - Mr Oh Cheng Hong Sivaraman Kannan - 15th August 2006

In the previous visits, I noticed that the common request from the patients is that they appreciate the visits and would like to participate in our club activities.  They would like to go out if possible but have their limitations.  Our home visit group now has 2 members only ¨C me and faithful Ms. Lisa Yap.   If more could join, I am sure that the patients would be happier. So please make an effort to join the visits whenever possible.

We managed to contact Mrs. Oh and arranged a visit on 5th August 2006.  Mrs. Oh was very worried about Mr. Oh's mood changes and was worried about the visit. Mr. Oh was very reluctant to allow the visit. Finally we managed to confirm the visit and there we were, on a bright Saturday morning, in the Subang area looking for Damansara Ara. The map did not have the finer details of the latest development in this area. Anyway after traveling through every nook and corner of Damansara Ara area, Lisa managed to locate the house!
Mrs. Oh said that Mr. Oh was reluctant to meet us but she managed to convince him. After talking to us for a few minutes, Mr. Oh was more relaxed and joined the conversation.

Mr. Oh feels very frustrated that he is confined to the house and that he could not drive around as he pleased.  Mrs. Oh finds it difficult to navigate around Kuala Lumpur roads and traffic and cannot find the way to our Club.  However Mr. Oh is happy that we visited him and looks forward to visiting the Club, if possible. I strongly feel that our Club activities would benefit patients like Mr. Oh ¨C to come out from their "shells" to live life to its fullest possibility. We know that we cannot live a life as before BUT we can make the best use of what we can and we have to live an enjoyable life to the maximum of our ability.

We hope he can make it.