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[back] Message from the Outgoing President Chee Liew Seong - 18th Nov 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks for your attendance in the 10th Annual General Meeting of MPDA. Many things and events have taken place in the past two years. The details will be briefly reported in the Secretary’s Report, which is the next agenda. All in all, MPDA has grown into a "big" NGO; it has realized its dream of having a Centre which houses the Secretariat and a place where various activities could be carried out for the benefit of its members. We call this Centre the Parkinson’s Club (PC), which was officially opened in April 22, 2006. The PC is organizing weekly activities, including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Facial and Vocal Exercises, Taiji Qigong, Waidan Gong, Line dancing, and will start soon sessions of Speech Therapy, not to mention various social and recreational activities such as the cerebration of Moon Cake Festival. However, as the Centre is a small place, for bigger gatherings such as Monthly Meetings and General Meetings, which involve 30 or more people, we still have to use Dewan Pantai in Pantai Medical Centre. Thanks to the Pantai MC for providing such Community Service.

As a "big" NGO with over 500 members now, and establishing the PC with organized activities which are partially subsidized by MPDA, the yearly budget (including rental of the building, salaries for staff and workers etc) to get the Association functioning  effectively is more than RM60,000. The MPDA will have to raise sufficient funds to meet such expenses. This will be a big challenge to the new committee and all of us.
MPDA has been granted "tax-exempt" status by the Inland Revenue Department. We are quite confident that we will get the community’s support to enable us to function effectively. In the long run, the MPDA would like to have our own building. After all, MPDA is the one and only one NGO in Malaysia dedicated to the welfare of the PD community. We believe that "Malaysia Boleh" and caring people will give us the necessary support.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I have expressed my wish to "retire" from the committee of MPDA to the present committee members. My health is declining, despite the DBS surgery I have had in July last year. I therefore, will not accept nomination to stand for election as President nor any post in the new committee for years 2006-8. I am leaving not only because of my declining health, but also to give the opportunity to others who are more capable, in better health condition and committed to serve the Association.  However, with the blessing of the new committee, I will continue heading the Publication Subcommittee as Editor of Berita Parkinson until end of year 2007.
My sincere thanks to my deputy Ms Mah Siew Heng, the Secretary Ms. Sara Lew and Assistant, Treasurer Ms Tan Teck Bee and Asst. Lisa Yap, and all the Committee members and various subcommittees for years 2004-6 and our medical advisor Dr. N. K. Chew, Guest Speakers in our Monthly Meetings. Asst. Editor Ms Lim Hooi Hoon, web managers as well as other voluntary workers (Amy Chow, Lee Chooi Yoke, Chong Eva, Mr. & Mrs.  Loke, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and others) for their services, cooperation and untiring support and hard work.
On behalf of the Association, I wish to thank all the companies and individuals who have given us the financial support necessary for us to set up the first Parkinson's Club in a rented premise in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur. The PC is now the centre of weekly and daily activities of our members. We hope they will continue to give us their support so that more and better services could be provided to meet the needs of PD patients and their caregivers.
Finally, in the course of carrying out my duties, I might have, inadvertently offended some of you in or outside the Committee. For this, I wish to apologize. We are like a family. I really enjoy very much your company in the past 11 years since I joined the Association, for which I had been in the Committee for the last 8 years as ordinary member, Vice President and President.

Once again, I wish to express my thankfulness to all who accept my disabilities and weaknesses, both physical and mental, and help to do my duties when necessary.  Thank you.

Chee Liew Seong