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[back] Home Visit #5 - Home Visitor Being Visited Sivaraman Kannan - 30th April 2006

With all the arrangement of home visits, a mild stroke gave me a chance to actually to view from the other side of the fence.

My control of symptoms of PD was fairly under control until I had a mild stroke on March 2nd 2006. I felt the symptoms of stroke at about 2.00pm and was at the UH by 3.00pm and discharged the next day.

However I was completely under hallucination which nobody noticed.  When talking to visitors, I could see snakes and other small animals crawling around them. At night I could see various animals in trouble which I try to catch and save. I could see worms crawling out of the sugar on sweets and worms crawling out of my food.  Food tasted like cardboard.  I remember a group of MPDA members asking me directions to my house, but I cannot remember in detail who they were or what we talked about.  That night or the following night, I was hallucinating and walked on the bed. With my vertigo, I was completely unstable and fell from the bed and hit my head on the side table. Fortunately at UM they did not find any serious injury as my temple hit the flat portion of the table and not the corner.  Next day my right eye was blood shot.

So in future home visitors should observe the patients to ensure you are all in the same world!


Editor's Note:

Mr. Sivaraman Kannan is the coordinator of Home Visits Program of MPDA. After learning that he had suffered a minor stroke, he was visited at his home in Kajang instead! Home visitors  included Eva Chong, Lisa Yap, Mr. & Mrs. Chee, Puan Pharidah Sulaiman, Amy Chow and Mr. & Mrs. Fong. Mr. Siva suffered another minor stroke last month (April) while visiting his son, a medical doctor, in Sabah. His spirits remained high - he still drove his car alone to attend the official launching of the PC on April 22nd 2006. His hallucinations did not scare him. He definitely welcomes more home visitors.