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[back] Good Bye Mr. Tee Yong Kem Sivaraman Kannan - 15th July 2006

Mr.Tee was one of our oldest members of MPDA. His membership number was 8. He passed away recently after a long struggle with PD. Though Mr. Tee had not taken part in any of our activities for a long time, he bequeathed a generous amount to the MPDA.  His daughter, Ms. Shirley, was one of the early pioneers who were instrumental in the setting up of our present MPDA.

On 8th July 2006, Lisa and I visited his family to pay our last respects and to thank the family for the generous donation made to MPDA. Mr. Tee had struggled from a humble beginning to bring up his family to their present status. The family is sad that he was not able to enjoy the fruits of his hard labour in the more recent times. Mr. Tee had a pleasant nature and never lost his temper even though he was frustrated with his physical condition and limitations. He had a very good sense of humour and determination. During his final days, he held on until his grandson returned from Australia before he passed away peacefully!

Mrs. Tee said that during hospital visits,i Mr. Tee would get very upset and tense up, when he noticed some of the care givers being rude or rough to their patients. As a patient himself, he knew the torment the patients were undergoing when being mistreated.

So long Mr. Tee. May you rest in peace!