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[back] Home Visit - Chew Hon Yen Sara Lew - 27 June 2008

On Sunday, 1st June 2008, Mr. Siva and I made a home visit to Mr. Chew Hon Yen's house located at Sungai Long, Kajang. Mr. Chew's extended the request to visit his home a few months earlier but due to our busy schedules we were unable to make the visit until that day.

Mr. Chew, 65, who's had Parkinson's since 1997 is coping rather well with the condition although he does have his occasionally share of some of its discomfort. A recent car accident has left him with a shattered confidence in driving alone but this has not deterred him from doing other things that he likes to do. He starts his day early at about six every morning and spends about forty-five minutes chanting Buddhist verses. "It helps me to improve my speech articulation and gives me a calming effect", he said. He does his morning walk too and is a keen gardener. The beautiful maintained garden in his house is a testimony of his effort.

Mr. Siva with Mr and Mrs Chew Hon Yen

He's two sons and daughters. Currently, he and his wife are staying at their second son's house. His two grandchildren constantly keep him amused. At the same time, he also has a good elderly buddy to keep him company in some of his outdoor activities when his family members are too busy with their own activities. Reading, especially on information pertaining to Parkinson's has helped him understand Parkinson's better as well as to keep abreast with the latest medical development.

Sara Lew with Mr and Mrs Chew Hon Yen

I remember the first day when I met Mr. Chew at the Pantai Medical Center in 2003. He'd just joined our association and was attending the monthly meeting for the first time. My first impression of him was nothing like someone who's had Parkinson's. He looked a picture of health and very much younger than his age. He'd a pleasant and cheerful disposition and interacted very well with fellow members on that day. I also found out then that we speak the same dialect. From that day on, we've been conversing with each other in Hakka.

On the day of our visit, Mr. Siva and I were greeted by Mr. Chew who waited for us in his garden. For the next 1.5 hour, we'd an interesting time bonding and chatting with his wife over my favourite cup of hot Milo.

Mr. Siva and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Chew and his family for their kind hospitality while we were at their house.