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[back] Circus cheer for MPDA Sara Lew - 27 June 2008

Circus cheer for MPDA

On Thursday, 5th May 2008, 65 members from MPDA were treated to the "Balagan Theatrical Cirque Sensation" show from Las Vegas at the Plenary Hall, KLCC Convention Centre. The tickets were courtesy of Dato' Dr. Lam Peng Chong, our Advisor and also President of the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCASFT). The organizers had especially dedicated the show to SCASFT to raise funds for the organisation. About 2000 people from the various NGOs were invited to the show.

I have earlier asked for 50 tickets but then on second thoughts, decided to be greedy and asked for 70 instead. Jaya from SCASFT who was in charge of the tickets was unable to accede to my request for the extra tickets initially. She said she would revert to me in a few days' time. When the affirmation was subsequently given, there was no time to send out notices to our members. The show was just 6 days away and we had to hurry to inform our members by phone.

There were problems of course. The show was held in the evening from 6.30 to 10.30 which was too late for some members. The other problem was transportation to KLCC. Rainy days and evening rush hours weren't exactly the best day or time to go to the heart of the city but these did not deter our members from going. Some patients even took the LRT to the venue The tickets given to us were worth RM150 each even though we were seated far back. . Unfortunately, some of the members who had taken the tickets were unable to make it for the show.

The programme for the evening began at 6 pm with snacks provided by KLCC. It was followed by an entertainment by the Senior Citizens Singing Group of SCASFT who sang mostly Chinese classical songs. They sang to raise funds for the association. One of the singers donated RM10,000-00 just to sing a song for the audience!

Tung Kai Seng & wife , Lock Kuan Hun and Sivaraman Kannan were among the group.
In the foreground is our lovely member, June Lum.

The caregivers took a break as well.
Sara Lew with Sally Teh on her left, Mrs. Lock, Mrs Don Calvin & friend.

Showtime started at about 8.45 pm and for the next 80 minutes, the audience were enthralled by the non-stop, action-packed extraganza. "Balagan" is a Russian word for "marketplace circus". As was reported in TheStar newspaper, it's an amalgamation of "circus acts without the animals, comedy, surrealism and old-fashioned slapstick.There was also an international cast of tumblers, clowns, strongmen, fliers and jugglers to make the show more exciting and colourful."

Pic from TheStar, Metro , Saturday April 5, 2008

Although I am not one who is exceptionally keen on circus shows, I was fascinated with the stage setting, special effects, choreography, dazzling costumes and most of all the lovely music which gave it a touch of mysticism.

The whimsical and outlandish characters also reminded me of some the characters in story books.

When the show was over, I walked away with a smile on my face. It wasn't so much the show but the joy of seeing our members especially the patients and caregivers who had made the effort to get out of their house to have an evening of fun with their friends. They can actually go the distance if they wanted to. Keep the spirits up, folks!