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[back] An Outing to Remember - Bukit Tinggi Orchard Farm Engr Sivaraman Kannan - 1 Mar 2008

AN OUTING TO REMEMBER - Bukit Tinggi Orchard Farm

During our 13th Anniversary Hi Tea, our newly appointed Advisor, Y.B. Dato ( Dr ) Lam Peng Chong J.P., invited MPDA to visit his farm in Bukit Tinggi. As the site was quite remote and the terrain rough we had to recce the farm before deciding the trip details so that the patients do not meet unexpected obstacles on the actual trip. The idea of arranging a outdoor trip of this nature was indeed challenging. The site was in the middle of the jungles of Pahang at the foothills of the Main Range.

The scenic beauty of Bukit Tinggi Orchard Farm

So on the 16 of February 2008, the Recce Group consisting of Dato Lam, Sara, Liba, and Siva left for the orchard. We had a look around and "tested" the terrain and I realized that though the spirit was more than willing, the flesh was pretty weak. (don't ever anybody mention about age factor or PD factor!). I have Sara to thank for providing "Towing Services" for my temporary loss of power going up the hill!! Fortunately no one had a camera to record the break down towing services!

We walked around the orchard and admired the wonderful scenery, tasted fresh coconut water, chempedak , papaya and avocado.

Dato' recycles every thing possible to protect the environment and keep his garden organic.

Dato' Lam and Sara feeding the fishes

There were many fish tanks and ponds teaming with fish but access to them was restricted and not very suitable for the patients. So was the access to the bathing pond which looked very inviting and tempting in the warm weather. There was a pipe supplying warm water from a natural hot water spring.

Freshly picked avacadoes

So having seen the site, we decided to go for it and fixed the date of visit as 23 Feb 2008. For the first trip we decided to restrict the trip to 15 patients and 15 care givers. As time was limited we only sent flyers to those in the vicinity of Klang valley only. Even then the response was overwhelming because we were fully booked within 36 hours after we posted the flyers.

On the way we stopped at Bukit Tinggi town for a lunch provided by Dato' Lam.

A very big thank you Dato' Lam from Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association for taking your valuable time and trouble to arrange this trip.

A note to all - please let us have your feedback on this trip. Then we can arrange more outings to suit the requirement of more people.

From Engr Sivaraman Kannan
1 Mar 2008