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[back] Message from the President Sara Lew - 9 April 2008

Dear Members,

On April 12, 2008, our Association will be celebrating World Parkinson's Day which falls on April 11 each year, with a "Hot Air Balloon" Family Carnival Day at Padang Astaka, Section 14, Petaling Jaya. As I am writing this, I am waiting eagerly for the day to come.

This is the first time in the history of our Association that literally this "out of this world" event is happening. This event is also very different from the usual things that we have been organizing, that is, medical talks, because the event is about living life. It is about taking control of Parkinson's and we, as people with Parkinson's or caregivers are going out to enjoy ourselves. We should not give any excuses why we can not enjoy the beautiful things in life as people without Parkinson's do. We are going right to the top of our dreams and aspirations and do whatever that we want to do. I also hope that more of this normal happy occasion will be part of our future projects in MPDA.

Some of you might have said that you are afraid of going up the "Hot-Air Balloon". I have never been to a "Hot Air Balloon" myself and the beauty of this event is that together as people with Parkinson's and caregivers, we can work together to help each other overcome our fears and have goals in life fulfilled and be on top of the world with a soaring spirit.

This balloon ride is also a message to change the public's perception that people with Parkinson's and caregivers do not sit around and are depressed with the conditions all the time. We also like to do happy and exciting things just like other people and by having this positive attitude, will help us successfully stay on top of our situation.

Besides the balloon rides, tele-matches, line dancing and other games will be held simultaneously to ensure all present will have an enjoyable and fun time on this special Saturday morning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all well-wishers who have donated their money to make this hot air balloon ride possible for all of us.

Happy World's Parkinson Day!


Sara Lew
31st March 2008