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[back] Meeting Parkinson Samuel Tan - 30 January 2010

Meeting Parkinson - By Samuel Tan

(On Saturday, 30th Jan 2010, members of the Cinnamon Home Fellowship of Full Gospel Assembly(CHF) led by Mr. Ong Poh Beng organized a fellowship party for MPDA in celebration of the festive season at the Parkinson Center. About 25 members from both sides attended the function. The writer of this article, Mr. Samuel Tan from CHF, was the organizer of the event. A video tape of the event can also be seen in his blog, www.hisamueltan.com. MPDA would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to CHF for their kind generosity and hard work in making the day a memorable one - Berita Parkinson Editor)

'Chicken Dance' session by Peter & Yvonne

First got to know Parkinson's Disease when Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1991 but he only made it public in 1998. Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that often impairs the sufferers' motor skills, speech as a result of muscle rigidity, tremor, a slow of physical movement and perhaps a loss of physical movement in extreme cases.

After two months of planning for the fellowship and visit to Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association (MPDA), Cinnamon Home Fellowship of Full Gospel Assembly gathered all its members who are mostly based in Puchong, Old Klang Road as well as Seri Kembangan to this morning event. According to Sara, the President of MPDA, they welcome the visit of Cinnamon Home Fellowship this morning, especially this is the first time that such a big group of individual visited MPDA and meeting its members as well as committee members.

Members gathered around singing with harmonica Bee Guat and Annie showing the rest how to do the 'Chicken Dance'.

The visit and fellowship started at 10:30am and after Sara's welcoming of everyone, we had Peter and Yvonne who have prepared a very wonderful light dance movement and exercise for everyone. "Chicken dance" was well received by the Parkinson patients as it encourages the motor skill movement. Although some patients have difficulty in participating in the movement, many still made an effort to swing and move around with their fingers as well as bodies.

"This visit is important as it lets our members and children of Cinnamon Home Fellowship to experience and to see what is in the community," Ong Poh Beng, the leader of Cinnamon Home Fellowship.

Sara shared with the Cinnamon Home Fellowship, that this visit would not be the last, hoping that more of the others would come, get to know the patients and also to grant some support. All the committee members of MPDA are volunteers with some having family members diagnosed with Parkinson.

The members meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as they will have a time of gathering, support, counseling as well as companion on the journey of Parkinson.

The children were mobilised to help to pass the food to the patients while the others helped to serve the food. Later, we have Lor to join us, who just came back from his oversea business trip. We praise God for his presence as it has truly blessed the rest of the event.

It might be difficult to organise such visit and fellowship, but the time spent with everyone is amazing and priceless.

Thanks to all the Cinnamonites for the effort and contribution towards this morning visit. For Nigel, Yim Yim & family, Fredy, Wendy & family, your presence are very much felt among us. Thanks for the support towards making this outing a success.

May God refresh everyone and grant us a wonderful weekend.
Have a blessed week ahead.
30th January 2010

More Pixs by MPDA
Dato' Maulud, "Greetings and welcome to MPDA!" Don Calvin, "Yeah! We gonna have fun today!" Eric Yong, his wife, Annie, Looi Eng Nam and Loh Pang Chai, sharing some light moments together.
Sally Tey and her husband, Ivan Lim Shin Fook. Ong Poh Beng, leader of Cinnamon Home Fellowship addressing all present. Samuel Tan, the Master of Ceremony.
Let's dance! Tung Kai Seng and Bel showing them the way. "That is how I do my Parkinson Twist", Tung Kai Seng informed the amused attendees. Chicken dance overflows from within to the porch outside.
Cosy corner for sharing views over a meal. The veteran harmonica players, Koh Hun Wai and Lock Kuan Hun accompanied by Don Calvin and Datin Ruhani as the lead singers. And soon there were more singers. Bel and Lisa Yap "chirped" in as well.
L-R: Amy Chow, her friend and Sara prefer to remain silent observers, and lend in their support by staying close to the musical group. Pretty ladies from both Cinnamon Home Fellowship and MPDA posing for the camera. Samuel Tan's twin sons found a better way to amuse themselves away from the crowd.
Baby Inez becomes the object of attraction to her doting grandmama, and aunties from MPDA. There is food enough for everyone on that day. Ever so helpful Mrs. Don Calvin and Bel helping with the serving of food to Tn. Hj. Jaharuddin and Pn. Maimudah. Amy Chow flanked by Committee members, Eva Chong (Secretary) and Lisa Yap (Asst. Secretary).