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[back] Home Visit - Rao and Ananthy Engr. Sivaraman Kannan - 3 August 2008

Home Visit - Rao and Ananthy

By Engr. Sivaraman Kannan

On 3rd August 2008, Lisa, Sara and I visited Rao, a Parkinson's patient who lives in Klang with his parents, wife and three sons. Rao who is in his late 40s has had Parkinson's for ten years ago. Prior to his diagnosis, he was a successful manager with an IT company. His wife, Ananthy, has a lot to cope up with. In addition of being the caregiver to her husband, she has to attend to her sickly father-in-law who has a heart problem, and their three active school-going young sons.

She has done a wonderful job juggling all her duties and her home making skills in maintaining a normal home. Nevertheless, Rao seems not to be coping too well with Parkinson's. Other than the religious functions which he attends occasionally, he keeps to himself most of the time. In the early days of his condition, he would participate in his children's activities but now he hardly ever does so. He keeps to himself most of the time and his mother has become very protective of him, doing most of the things for him, even to the extent of feeding him at meal times.

It appears that Roa is having some depression which is understandable because of his condition. He has not been meeting other Parkinson's patients and therefore assumes he has no hope to live a "normal " life. It would be a great help to himself and his family if only he could join some of the activities in our Parkinson's Centre. Then he would realize what patients, in more serious condition then himself, can do to enjoy life to the fullest. He will also be able to live a more independent routine daily life, and need not have to be dependant on other family members even for minor chores.

Front Row L-R: Roa's father, Rao and his sons. Back Row: Sara Lew, Dr. Seri Devi and son, Lisa Yap, Dr. Seri Devi's daughter, Ananthy

While we were there, we managed to coax Rao to be involved in our conversation. Although he has speech difficulties and hardly muttered a word, he managed to smile frequently. When we were about to leave the house, he came out to see us off and sat on the swing to watch his kids playing in the compound.