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1Staying Upbeat eventAnthony Thanasayan (TheStar Newspaper)5 April 2012
2In sickness and in health eventMaithili Vasudevan1 April 2012
3A caregiver's many important roles eventMaithili Vasudevan 1 April 2012
4Matter of life and death eventAnthony Thanasayan (TheStar Newspaper)22 March 2012
5Weekly Manasa Yoga Classes at the Parkinson's Center eventShailaja Menon10 October 2011
6Get-Together at the Parkinson Center 17th September 2011 eventSara Lew28 August 2011
7Message from the President - August 2011 eventSara Lew15 August 2011
8A Picture Paints a Thousand Words eventSara Lew8 August 2011
9World Parkinson's Day Celebration 2011 Invite eventSara Lew04 April 2011
10Conductorise Therapy at the Parkinson Center eventSara Lew31 July 2010
11Tithing in Malaysia: Drum Circles at the MPDA eventArthur Hull30 July 2010
12War Against Parkinson's is Winnable eventAnthony Thanasayan 29 July 2010
13Conductorcise comes to Parkinson Center, 31 July 2010 eventSara Lew26 July 2010
14Public Forum on Parkinson's Disease - 24 July 2010 eventSara Lew12 July 2010
15The drummer's healing hands eventC. Premananthini (NST)24 June 2010
16Music's the best medicine eventRajini Dhillon (The Malay Mail) 15 June 2010
17Defining Moment - Signing of the WHO Global Declaration of Parkinson's Disease eventAnthony Thanasayan29 April 2010
18Association to sign WHO declaration on Parkinson's eventNew Straits Times Press04 April 2010
19Meeting Parkinson eventSamuel Tan30 January 2010
20Activities of the Months Past (Sept - Dec 2009) eventSara Lew1 January 2010
21Every Vote Counts for MPDA. Vote for Sazzy and Nash in Sehati Berdansa 3! eventSara Lew18 December 2009
2216th Annual Charity Walk / Jog / Wheel-A-Thon for the Disabled eventSara Lew9 November 2009
23Activities of the Months Past eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan and Sara Lew9 September 2009
247th APPDA and the Land of Elephants, Maharajahs and Taj Mahal eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan3 September 2009
25Message from the President - September 2009 eventSara Lew1 September 2009
2622 August 09 Monthly Meeting on Current Treatment Approaches in PD eventSara Lew14 August 2009
2701 August 09 Monthly Meeting on Functional Neurosurgery on PD eventSara Lew21 July 2009
284 July 09 Monthly Meeting on Chiropractic Management for PwP eventSara Lew4 July 2009
29Day in a garden eventAnthony Thanasayan16 April 2009
30Five Among Heroes eventSara Lew11 April 2009
31Message from the President - April 2009 eventSara Lew11 April 2009
32Fun in the Sun - In Celebration of the World Parkinson's Day 2009 eventIr. Sivaraman K11 April 2009
33World Parkinson's Day Celebration eventSara Lew8 April 2009
34Invitation to March Meeting eventSara Lew28 March 2009
35MPDA Head Recognised eventAnthony Thanasayan30 November 2008
36Sing Along Loud and Clear eventChee Liew Seong30 November 2008
37Awareness Forum on Parkinson's by Rotary Club of Kuala Terengganu eventSara Lew8 November 2008
38A Walk Through the Jungle eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan7 November 2008
39Message From The President - October 2008 eventSara Lew30 October 2008
40Deeparaya Circular eventSara Lew25 October 2008
41Dancing For Exercise eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan30 September 2008
42Home Visit - Rao and Ananthy eventEngr. Sivaraman Kannan3 August 2008
43Cooking Up a Storm at the Parkinson Center eventSara Lew02 August 2008
44An Outing to Remember - Bukit Tinggi Orchard Farm eventEngr Sivaraman Kannan1 Mar 2008
45Circus cheer for MPDA eventSara Lew27 June 2008
46Home Visit - Chew Hon Yen eventSara Lew27 June 2008
47Message From The President June08 eventSara Lew21 June 2008
48FRIM NATURE TRAIL ... eventSara Lew18 June 2008
49Launching of the 15th Annual Charity Walk/Jog/Wheel-A-Thon With the Disabled by the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCASFT) eventSara Lew17 June 2008
50Report on the Medical Talk by Dr. Shahrin Tarmizi eventSara Lew17 May 2008
51World Parkinson's Day: Parkinson's Patients Treated To Hot Air Balloon Rides eventJade Chan - The Star19 April 2008
52World Parkinson's Day: Fun For One And All eventAnthony Thanasayan17 April 2008
53World Parkinson's Day: Spreading Healthy Messages eventAnthony Thanasayan16 April 2008
54Why not Hot Air Balloons? eventEngr. Sivaraman Kannan12 April 2008
55WPD Program eventSara Lew12 April 2008
56Marking World Parkinson Day eventThe Star9 April 2008
57Message from the President eventSara Lew9 April 2008
58Living with Parkinson's - Tung Kai Seng eventThe Star - Wheelpower21 February 2008
59President's Message EventSara Lew31 December 2007
60Organ Donation eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan26 November 2007
61Lights, Camera, Action! eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan25 November 2007
62New Teenager in the Block eventIr. Sivaraman Kannan30 December 2007
63DBS Patient Advocacy Programme eventChong Eva23 Sept 2007
64Report on the MPDA September 2007 Meeting EventSara Lew22 September 2007
65MPDA September Meeting eventChong Eva18th September 2007
66Public Forum: Red Tulip Awareness Day EventSara Lew21 April 2007
67Home Visit #7 - Mr Kan Mang Fong eventSivaraman Kannan28th Mar 2007
68Message from the President 12th Mar 2007 eventSara Lew12th Mar 2007
69Message from the Incoming President eventSara Lew30th Nov 2006
70Message from the Outgoing President eventChee Liew Seong18th Nov 2006
71Message from the President eventChee Liew Seong26th August 2006
72Home Visit #6 - Mr Oh Cheng Hong eventSivaraman Kannan15th August 2006
73Good Bye Mr. Tee Yong Kem eventSivaraman Kannan15th July 2006
74Home Visit #5 - Home Visitor Being Visited eventSivaraman Kannan30th April 2006
75Notice eventAmy Chow30th April 2006
76Home Visit #4 - Mr. Koh Hun Wai eventSivaraman Kannan30th April 2006
77President's Welcoming Address on the Launch of the Parkinson's Club eventnone22nd April 2006
78Masked-face and speech problem eventChee Liew Seong17 January 2006
79Home visits eventSivaraman Kannan5 December 2005
80A beauty make over and a healthy balanced diet eventSivaraman KannanApril 2005
81A Sunday morning stroll at Dataran Merdeka eventChew Bee Peng29 September 2003
82Personal Experience At The 2nd International Symposium Of The APPDA, Japan eventChee Liew Seong4 October 1999