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the design
As the mastermind behind this new design of MPDA version 2 (MPDAv2), i have repeatedly asked myself the ultimate question, what is the theme?. Every website demonstrate a different theme to express the soul of the institution it represents. Whenever a visitor enters the site, he/she should immediately feel the ambience and as time progresses, experience the sentiment of being part of the institution.

we have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values
we talk too much love too seldom and hate too often
we've learned how to make a living but not a life
the welcome page

the welcome page attempts to feature a transitional experience that bridge the "contemporary" with the "forgotten". the red and blue rounded-square represents the modern (i.e. "contemporary") society which is colorful and in a way, tempting and attractive. nonetheless, despite the superficial beauty of the modern society, they are the unwilling and forgetful, symbolized by the "emptiness" of the squares. on the other hand, the "forgotten" is represented through the pale photos on the upper-right corner. these "forgotten" are individuals where we originated and yet, they are now a thing of the past to the "contemporary". this is where MPDA comes into the picture. in this theme, MPDA is seen as the connective between the "contemporary" and the "forgotten", embodied through the MPDA logo in the center of the color-boxes and the pale-boxes.
the header

the header that appears on top of every page represents the move towards assisting the needy among the "forgotten" by the "contemporary", lead by MPDA. The theme is characterized through the name "Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association" moving in the direction of the slogan "towards a caring society", which is towards the pale photo on the right of the header. Despite the obstacles of the modern days, symbolized by the various colored-boxes at the bottom of the header, MPDA is persistent towards its aim in helping the needy.
the color
the colors of the theme are inline with the logo of MPDA.
the navigation
there are many ways of producing attractive navigational options. but the principle that guided me throughout the design of navigations in this website is "simplicity" because I put in mind the fact that visitors to this site may have different accessibility, ranging from healthy supporters to PD patients.